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7 High Tech Camping Gadgets For Your Summer Outdoor Adventure

I'm a big fan of tech gadgets, but I can't say I'm a big fan of camping.  My idea of camping is a days spent out in nature followed by nights in a climate controlled environment with running water and breakfast that's already been prepared. Every year there are new tech devices that make our lives easier, even when it comes to camping. Whether you’re a hard core camper or a Glamper like me, there are many tech gadgets that will help improve your camping experience. If you and the family are headed for the great outdoors, get ready for this list of high tech camping gadgets that will make your summer camping experience fun and comfortable.

1. BioLite CampStove. Leave those cooking gas canisters at home and use the power of nature to charge your smart devices and and cook your meals at the same time.  With the Biolite, you can have campfire powered by sticks and twigs.  The technology in this campstove creates smokeless flames for your campsite.  There are also accessories that allow you to grill food and a pot to serve hot beverages.

2.BoomBottle. If you want to enjoy your favorite tunes when camping out, take this wireless, waterproof Bluetooth speaker with you.  It has a magnetic mount for you to place your smartphone.  You can also pair two Boombottles to create true stereo sound.  This speaker also has a built in bottle opener. 

3.E.Power 10000mAh Portable Solar Charger. No matter where we go, we are guaranteed to have our smart devices in tow which is why it's a good idea to have a portable charger with us.  The E Power solar charger makes sure however isolated you are, you have power for your devices.  The bonus is this device is waterproof and has a built in LED flashlight whenever you need a light to help guide you through the darkness.

4.Phoenix 100 Mini Power Station. If you need to keep in contact with the office when you're out in the wildernesss, take the Phoenix Power Station with you.  This portable batter pack will charge multiple devices including laptops and portable home appliances because it has a built in AC plug in. 

5. GoSun Go.  Does cooking out in the woods stress you out?  You might want to consider a solar cooker.  The GoSun allows you to harness the sun's power to cook your meals.  You don't have to worry about gathering wood for meals.  Just setup the GoSun and make meal preparation simple and easy.  

6.Matrix Industries: PowerWatch X.  When you're camping out, the PowerWatch will be your best friend.  Never worry about charging this Smartwatch because it uses your body heat to keep it charged.  Like other smart watches, it works in conjunction with an Android or Apple app to monitor your daily steps, your heart rate 

7. Sawyer Micro Squeeze Filter.  Fresh water is important when you're out camping.  Never worry about getting access to drinking water with this compact and lightweight water filtration system. It will remove 99.999 percent of bacteria found in fresh water. You can use the water bag that comes with the filter or attach the filter and straw to any standard bottle. 

If camping has stressed you out in the past, you'll want to consider taking these cool tech gadgets with you.  These gadgets will help you focus on enjoying time with family and friends and not worrying about entertainment, charging devices and make sure you have power to cook meals or charge devices. 

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