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5 Must-Have Cool Tech Gadgets for Cold Weather

Spring may be just around the corner, but we still have a few weeks of winter ahead of us. Where ever we go, means our tech will be going with us and we need to do things to make sure we stay warm along with our gadgets. Like us, our tech devices don't do well in colder temperatures. In these winter months, we have to take special precautions to make sure our tech stays warm. Here are some gadgets that are designed to warm those icy conditions. Check out some of the hottest tech products to use and wear during the remainder of this cold season.

1. Phoozy. ( We all know heat can affect your smartphone, but the cold can affect it too. If you're going to be in cold weather for an extended period of time, get a Phoozy. It's SpaceTech Penetration Layer will keep your devices warm which helps preserve battery life, too.

2. Polar Seal Heated Clothing. ( It's becoming more common to see tech and fashion combined, but Polar Seal is aiming to change all of that. Polar Seal's heated clothing is designed to keep you warm in the coldest temperatures while keeping you looking fashionable. These products come with an upper and lower back heater, which can be activated with a touch of the button.

3. Thermacell Heated insoles with Bluetooth. When staying warm in cold weather, you can't ignore your feet. To keep your toes toasty, check out these heated insoles which you can activate by an app on your smart device. Recharging is simple. This is done by using a USB cable.

4. Rotibox Music Beanie. Listen to your favorite tunes, answer your calls and stay warm at the same time with this Bluetooth Beanie. This washable beanie is Compatible with a variety of phones and music devices and it gives you up to 6 hours of playing/talking time. Bonus, it comes in a variety of styles and colors.

5. Northface ETip Gloves. With tech devices part of our everyday lives, you can't go wrong with touchscreen gloves. These gloves keep you warm and allow you to accomplish any task such as making calls, surfing the web, and taking photos.

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