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4 Apps For Veterans to Improve Wellness and Health

November is the month where we all want to give thanks to the blessings we get in our lives and probably one of the biggest blessings we need to give thanks for are our veterans. I have four uncles who are veterans, three of which fought in wars to secure our freedoms. I'm sure you also have friends and family who have served as well. Veteran's Day is just around the corner and I think we can all agree that even though our Veterans are celebrated, it can be hard for them to find the resources that can help them. The great thing about technology is there is just about an app for everyone including veterans. Here's a list of apps that can help veterans get access to the care and benefits they deserve.

The US Department of Veteran Affairs has a robust number of smartphone apps that are designed to help Veterans and are always updating their list of apps. You can visit the app store at to view their apps. Here are some of the apps you can download from them as well as others that can help vets.

1. PTSD Coach and PTSD Coach. Many veterans suffer from PTSD and sometimes don't have access to the help they need. Not meant to be a replacement for professional help, but this app can help you become more educated about PTSD and give you tools to help manage stress. There are tools that help PTSD sufferers from anger management, positive reinforcement, and relaxation techniques. The app also allows you to add your own music, pictures, and contacts. PTSD Coach is designed for family members who are living with someone suffering from PTSD. This app helps the caregiver with tools to manage stress help your personal well being. The app also gives you ways for you and your family to connect with a support professional.

2. Rallypoint. Think of Rallypoint as Facebook for active service people and veterans. It allows you to import your email and social media contacts and allows you to interact with other people in the military as well as looking up civilian and military jobs. Like other social media platforms, you can access Rallypoint from a web browser or the free app which is available for iOS and Android devices.

3. I am Sober. It's an unfortunate fact that 12% of vets abuse drugs and alcohol. This app helps start the road to recovery by helping you set a plan of action to reduce your substance abuse. The app gives you a daily log to help you keep track of your habits and help you manage your moods when you get the urge to drink or use drugs. The website has a great list of resources to help you get more information about substance abuse.

4. Youper. Depression affects us all that includes vets. Access to professional help is always best, but when you need that pick me up in those dark moments, Youper can help. It uses Artificial Intelligence whereas you can chat back and forth with the app which gives makes you think about your current mindset in the goal of helping improve your overall emotional well-being.

Spread the word about these apps to help the vet in your life. This Veterans Day and beyond, take a moment to show our vets you appreciate their sacrifices such as picking up a meal for a vet, helping sponsor an Honor Flight or replacing one of your exterior lights with a green.

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