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What Technology Can I Purchase on Tax-Free Weekend?

Tax-Free Weekend is the 2nd most wonderful time of the year, especially if you live in an area that offers it. You probably didn't know this, but it's a good time to purchase new technology for your home. If you're in one of the participating 16 states, you can take advantage of no sales tax on new tech at places like Walmart, Target, as well as online retail shows such as Amazon. If you're looking to purchase new gadgets for that student in your life or yourself, it's always a good idea to save a few dollars. Check out the general rules for tax-free weekend and must-have and awesome tech items for back to school or just to use in your home.

Anyone can purchase a laptop, desktop, tablet, or specific computer during the tax-free weekend. Your purchase must be less than $1,500 and for personal use. You can also purchase televisions, cameras, and wireless earbuds. It varies from state to state but some items not included are smartphones, e-readers, flash drives, individually purchased software, printer supplies, and household items. Check with your state to verify what qualifies for a tax-free purchase.

Here are the states participating this year:


July 16–July 18


Aug. 7–Aug. 8


Aug. 15–Aug. 21


When: July 31–Aug. 9


When: Aug. 6–Aug. 7


When: Aug. 8–Aug. 14


When: Aug. 14-Aug. 15


When: July 30–July 31


When: Aug. 6–Aug. 8

New Mexico

When: Aug. 6–Aug. 8


When: Aug. 6–Aug. 8


When: Aug. 6–Aug. 8

South Carolina

When: Aug. 6–Aug. 8


When: July 30–Aug. 1


When: Aug. 6–Aug. 8


When: Aug. 6–Aug. 8

Desktop Computer:

Apple iMac 24-inch. The iMac has been a mainstay as far as a reliable computer for home users. With the addition of Apple's M1 chip, you can expect a computer that's fast as well, as one that will last a long time.

Dell XPS Desktop Special Edition. Dell has many lines of computers, but their best all-around computer has been the XPS. Works well as a home, office, and gaming computer.

Apple Mac mini with M1. If you like Apple and want to save a little on the price, consider getting a Mac Mini. Same Mac power and speed with the M1 chip.

Dell Inspiron. If the XPS is out of your range, Dell's Inspiron desktop computer is a solid all-in-one computer that will allow you to accomplish most tasks you want to perform.


Dell XPS 2 in 1. One of the challenging things about Apple, is they want you to have a MacBook as well as an iPad for portable use. The great things about Dell's 2 in 1 computer are they let you convert your laptop into a tablet. Why carry two devices when you can just have one.

Apple MacBook Air with M1 CPU. Apple knows how to make portable, streamlined computers. Their M1 MacBook Air is one of the most powerful laptops on the market. If you're a MacBook user, you'll want to upgrade to this computer today.


Tanoshi 2-1 Computer. Yes, most tech folks recommend getting a MacBook or Windows computer for back to school, but if you're looking for a cost-effective 2-1 computer for school, consider this Android tablet designed for younger kids.

Apple iPad Pro 12.9

Extremely powerful and slick, excellent battery life, new Apple pencil abilities.

Microsoft Surface Go 2. This Surface tablet isn't the fastest computer on the market, but great for someone looking to have a light, portable computer to edit documents, surf the web, and check email.


Apple iPhone 12 Pro. A quality camera, great battery life, modern design and build, impressive audio.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Huge, super-smooth 120Hz screen, hyper premium internal hardware, and a versatile, feature-packed camera.


Epson Eco Tank Printer/ HP SmartTank Printer: Tank printers are taking over standard cartridge printers. They print more pages and you don't have to worry about the cartridges drying out. Also, they are smartphone and tablet ready which means you and your kids can print from any device.

Remember, anyone, not just students can purchase tech items during tax-free weekends. Buying gadgets can be harsh on your wallet which is why tax-free weekend is a great time to save money. Make sure you stick to a budget to avoid spend too much and do your research to find out which tech you can purchase for tax-free weekend and what items will work best for you and your family.

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