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Is It Worth Buying The Extended Warranty for Your Home and Office Tech?

It seems whenever you make a computer or computer-related tech gadget, the salesperson always asks if you want to get an extended warranty. If it requires power, you always have the option to get a replacement or extended warranty. In this digital age we live in, the functionality of your tech items is a life or death scenario so makes sense to get a warranty for all your tech products and other electronic gadgets, right? Unfortunately, the answer isn't as cut and dry as you would think. Before purchasing your next extended warranty, check out these quick tips to help you decide if getting extra coverage is right for you.

Most tech devices come automatically with a 1-year warranty that covers manufactures defects. Your tech toys are delicate items and aren't perfect. I've seen devices fail only after a few days, so don't be shocked if you wind up with a device that's a lemon from time to time. Things like accidental drops and liquid spills aren't covered by the manufacture. The same thing occurs if you experience a damaging power surge to your devices. If you are going to purchase an extended warranty, you need to get one direct from the manufacturer if possible rather than from your national big-box chain. Also, keep in mind that the manufacture warranty doesn't cover virus attacks, user error, or just general tech support for your products. Here are the details on how you should proceed with each of your devices.

Smartphones & Tablets. Portable devices are always at risk of damage from accidental spills and drops so an extended warranty isn't a bad investment for these devices. This is also the case if you're someone who has a bad habit of losing devices. Along with a good case cover, an extended warranty will ensure that if anything happens to your devices, you can get them repaired or replaced without having to pay for expensive repairs for your damaged device. If you've spent $100 or less for your smartphone, tablet, or even e-reader, it's best to avoid getting the warranty as it's more cost-effective to purchase a new device if your

Desktop & Laptop Computers. This depends on how you use your Windows or Macintosh computer. If you never travel with your laptop or you have a desktop computer, you can avoid the warranty altogether. If something is going to happen to your device, it will most likely fail in the first 6 months and will be covered under warranty. If you use your laptop for business purposes, you want to purchase an extended warranty that doesn't make you ship your computer off for service or have it sit on a bench in a shop for days or weeks on end. Dell offers one of the best-extended warranties for its products. If you sign up for their warranty, they send a technician to your location within a few days to get the device fixed. Even Apple makes you take your Apple device to an Apple store for warranty repairs.

Smart Televisions. Like that computer that sits on your desk, Smart TVs will usually fail in the first 6 months if they fail at all. All of the smart TV I've ever owned, I've only had one fail. It was under warranty and the manufacture shipped a new one with no questions asked. One of the major causes of failure with SmartTV is a power surge so make sure you have your TV connected to a reliable surge protector. For even better protection, unplug that device when powerful thunderstorms come your way.

Video Game Console Systems. Like that computer and smart tv you own, that video game console isn't going anywhere and only needs a surge protector as your warranty.

Home Appliances. Most appliance repair people will tell you that the average life span of your household appliances is only 5 years. With many of you growing up in an age where appliances lasted forever, this may come as a surprise. I can tell you from experience with having experienced a dishwasher and three washing machines fail during the warranty or right after the warranty period you need to invest in the extended warranty for new appliances. Most newer appliances have complicated circuits that make out-of-pocket repairs equal the cost of a new appliance.

Other things to consider. You may already have an extended warranty without even realizing it. Your credit card companies may provide you automatically with an extended purchase guarantee. American Express offers the most comprehensive coverage on your devices, with MasterCard and Visa following close behind.

In most instances, you can skip the extended warranty, but unfortunately, this isn't a one size fits all scenario. If you rely on your tech devices for business or you only have one tech device that you rely on heavily, it' might be worth the investment to get the extended warranty. Do you purchase extended warranties on your devices? What experience did you have? Let me know in the comments below.

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