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How To Perform a 'December Digital Declutter' For Your Tech Devices?

Updated: May 27

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How many emails do you get a day? How many photos are on your phone? When you think of all of the information you have on your computer and related devices you begin to understand how all of your digital clutter adds up. This can especially be true if you're getting alerts on your gadgets that you're running out of space. in this day and digital age we live in, it’s so much easier to accumulate digital clutter than it is to accumulate physical clutter which is why now is a good time to purge information from your devices. Not sure where to start? Check out my tips to help you declutter from all of your technical devices.

1. Set up Automatic Backups for your phones, computers, and other devices. Before you start your purge, you need to make sure all of your devices are configured to back up automatically to a cloud-based system. You're probably thinking that you could use an external hard drive or flash drive to perform your backups but in our mobile digital society, this is never going to happen. Also with ransomware attacks, you want to ensure that your. data is protected cloud-based backups are running 24/7. Services such as iCloud Drive, OneDrive, and Google Drive can help you with this task.

2. Delete all of the millions of pictures and videos from your phones and tablets. I was looking at all of the photos and videos on my iPhone and was shocked at how much space was being taken up. If you're like me, you probably take photos of everything. If you do this for months of years, it can eat up chunks of phone space, especially if you don't delete any. You want to keep those memories forever, but you don't know what to do. Well, you can store photos in the cloud and remove them from your phone. You also don't lose the ability to view them, because cloud services allow you to see them anytime you want. You can use services like Google Photos, and iCloud to store those photos, but did you know you can also take advantage of your Microsoft 365 OneDrive account as well as Amazon Photos to store those old photos to free up space? Take advantage of all of these tools to free up your photos and videos.

3. Remove inactive and unwanted followers across your social media accounts. Whether you are using social media for business or fun, you need to clean out your contacts from time to time. There's no benefit to staying in contact with social media accounts that your friends are no longer using, people who have passed on to the next life, or people you no longer want to stay in contact with. Freeing yourself from connections that aren't enlightening you, educating you, or entertaining you will help bring positivity to your life. Remember, you're the sum of all of the people you surround yourself with.

4. Archive emails and social media chats. Electronic messages sometimes hold important information. Sorting through messages can be tough. Rather than keeping all of those messages, delete ones you don't need to keep and organize you can emails and messages in folders that will help you find those old messages quickly.

5. Unsubscribe from email lists you no longer interact with. Wow! It can be overwhelming when you think of all of the email lists you are automatically added to. What's worse is it seems all of those emails come into your inbox at the same time. It will do your mind good to unsubscribe from those lists and it's safe to do so. There's little danger a cyber crook will pick up on the fact you are unsubscribing, so just do it.

6. Delete those apps you're no longer using on your devices. Apps take up storage space on your smartphone, tablet, and computer. Having too many apps on your devices no longer slows them down, but having too many can add some unwanted stress to your life.

Hopefully, this will give you some ideas of how you can keep your devices uncluttered and ready to roll in the coming year. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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