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How To Avoid Getting Sent to Facebook Jail

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

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How To Avoid Getting Sent to Facebook Jail

Friends, I'm embarrassed to share I'm a felon .... a Facebook felon. A few weeks ago, I was placed in Facebook Jail for 7 days for regular posts and 21 days for sharing live videos and it sucked. Like many of you, I use Facebook daily to stay in contact with associates, friends, and customers as well as monitor the Facebook Pages I use for business. I was placed there for sharing a popular meme from another user. Initially, I appealed the decision to be released, only to be placed back there a day later. Unfortunately, it's harder to understand what posts will get your account blocked, but after reading the terms of service, I think I can help you understand what you can share and what you can't share. If you want to know, read on.

Why Are People Put in Facebook Jail? You are most likely to wind up in Facebook jail for actions that don't comply with Facebook's guidelines. Some things that will get you placed in Facebook jail are abusive comments, posting spam, and graphic content. Keep in mind that the rules for Facebook are always changing so it can sometimes be hard to understand why you are placed there. For example, our company website is considered a spam website, so we can't share our domain on the platform. The frustrating part with Facebook is content isn't monitored by live people, it's the algorithm that monitors your posts and it isn't perfect. If you are placed in jail, it's possible to appeal. If your appeal fails, then your only choice is to wait it out and serve your time.

Common things that will cause you to be a Facebook Felon:

1. Spamming. Facebook considers spamming when you send out too many friend requests or posting to your feed or Facebook Groups too quickly.

When it comes to spam, it can apply to different things such as posting too quickly or sending out too many friend requests.

2. Using abusive or hate speech. This is a no-brainer that will put you

This should go without saying, but being abusive or using hate speech on Facebook will definitely result in being placed in Facebook jail.

3. Posting nudity or other graphic content. Come on, this isn't OnlyFans. Keep it clean.

4. Avoid being politically correct. Yes, you have your political opinion but Facebook ain't havin' it. Just keep it to yourself.

5. Avoid posts with violence and drug references. You just can't do it. Even if you say it in jest. Facebook will place you in jail.

What is the Facebook Jail experience Like? When you're in Facebook Jail, you will get an alert you've violated the terms of service as well as how long you've been banned. You won't be able to create new posts or interact with posts from your connections. Depending on your sentence, you may not be able to post live videos as well as advertise or boost posts. You also won't be able to post to Facebook groups you're a part of or ones you administer Surprisingly, you can still contact your connections via Facebook messenger ... just like criminals can send messages from jail to friends and loved ones.

How Do You Get Out of Facebook Jail? If you find yourself in jail, there are several things you can do.

1. Appeal. You can try to file an appeal to Facebook, but since it's the algorithm, this process is complicated. If you know for a fact that you did nothing wrong, then you can select the “This is a mistake” option in the notification and file for an appeal. You will receive the result of your appeal via email.

2. Wait it out. Sometimes the only thing you can do is just “serve” your sentence.

3. Appeal to your friends and followers. This isn't a surefire method, but you can message your friends to let them know that you’re in Facebook jail and ask them to help you out by liking and sharing your posts. This will help show Facebook that you’re not a troublemaker and that they should lift the restrictions on your account.

I hope you can use these tips to help you avoid Facebook jail. Facebook jail can be a challenge and you want to limit your trips to jail as the algorithm can view you as a high-risk user and you can end up getting a permanent ban from the platform. If you need further assistance, please reach out to me with any questions you might have. I am always happy to help!

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