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How to Protect Your Smartphone From Physical Damage

A few weeks ago when I was on a return trip from Philadelphia and New York, I accidentally dropped my smartphone when I was exiting the rental bus shuttle. There were several minutes of pure panic of not locating it because it was discovered by my wife, but by that time it was run over at least a couple of times by airport traffic. Your smartphone is built to hold up against some physical threats, but few can handle being dropped, submerged in water, and being handled by your kids or grandkids. The internet is filled with stories of ways people who have found new ways to inadvertently scratch, crack, drown, melt or otherwise damage their phones. If you are worried about how you need to protect your smartphone, check out these tips that are designed to help you avoid accidents, and give you useful common-sense protective information that can help you minimize harm when they do occur.

1. Don't take any risky chances. You'll do anything to capture that awesome photo, right? Remember there is a zoom feature on your smartphone to get those shots in hard places. Also, make sure your smartphone is making it into your pocket or purse when you're putting it away. My phone missed my pocket and landed on the pavement. Remember those water hazards. Most smartphones are supposed to be waterproof, but do you really want to take your smartphone with you when you're swimming in 30ft of murky water?

2. Make sure to avoid avoidable hazards. Did you leave your smartphone on the roof of your car? Is it sitting on the dashboard of your car in the hot summer heat? How about letting it sit in your car overnight during the cold winter nights? Hazards like these can cause damage to your phone. On the roof of your car, it can fly off while you are zooming on the interstate. Hopefully, you're aware extreme temperatures can ruin your phone. Always think of the health of your smartphone and make sure you're doing things to keep it safe.

3. Your pockets and purses can be smartphone killers. Keys and coins in the same pocket as your smartphone can lead to a scratched screen. Same thing if you carry a purse. If you carry your phone in your back pocket, it could fall out and smash to the ground. If you sit wrong, you could crack the screen or bend your phone. Check your pockets before you do laundry as the wash cycle or the dryer cycle could ruin your phone.

4. Buy a screen protector. Smartphones have pretty durable screens, but it's never a bad idea to get extra protection. Screen protectors are available for all smartphones and this piece of adhesive film can protect the screen on your phone from scratches and chips.

5. Get a protective case for your phone. There are many styles of phone cases and some work better than others. You might be able to get away with a basic phone case, but if you're always on it you should consider something more rugged. The OtterBox is the case that saved my phone when I dropped mine.

Other things to consider:

Have automatic backups of your phone. You never know when disaster will strike which is why it's important to have automatic backups of your phone. If your phone gets completely damaged, there's a good chance you won't be able to get access to those photos and videos. If you're automatically backing up your information, you can have peace of mind that you will always have a copy of the information stored on your phone.

Get insurance for your phone. Smartphones are expensive which is why you need to get insurance. A great insurance plan from your provider will give you coverage for theft, loss, accidental damage, and problems that occur after the manufactures warranty is up.

I hope you can use these common-sense tips to help you be ready for unexpected accidents when it comes to your phone. If you need further assistance, please reach out to me with any questions you might have. I am always happy to help!

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