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How to Make Your Devices Automatically Change Time for Daylight Savings Time & Back to Standard Time

The twice a year process of moving our clocks forward in the spring and back again in the fall is something that I know many of you get excited about. For sun lovers, it means longer days. For those night owls, it means more time dancing by the pale moonlight. Others like me feel it's time to get rid of this time change. I don't know about you, but it messes with my sleeping patterns for about a week. For the most part, if your tech devices are connected to the Internet, they are equipped to handle switching from Daylight saving and going back to standard time in the fall. You can never be sure and it's always a good idea to make sure your devices will change time. Not sure how to do it, let me show you what you need to do to make sure all of your computer and technology will adjust automatically.

Macbook Pro, Mac Mini & iMacs. Head to the Apple Menu, go to System Preferences, then select Date & Time. Verify that you have your device in the right time zone and the closest city to you. Then select "Set Time zone automatically using current location"

Windows Desktop and Laptop Computers:

Head to Settings and Select Time and Language. Make sure the switch for On your Windows device, open the Settings app. Then select “Time & Language.”Adjust for daylight saving time automatically” is switched on.

Chromebook and Chromebox: Go to Settings. Scroll down to the bottom of the settings menu, and click on "Advanced" Go to "Date and time" and choose "Time Zone". Make sure the selection is marked for "Set Automatically"

iPhone and iPad:

Navigate to the Settings app. Once there, select "General", then go to "Date & Time" Turn on "Set Automatically". Apple watch users don't have to make any changes as it gets instruction from your iPhone.

Android Smartphone & Tablets:

Go to Settings, then tap on "System" then tap on "Date and Time" Verify the switch for "Automatic data and time" and "Automatic Time Zone" are selected.

Apple TV: Go to Settings, then Select “General,”. then go to “Date and Time” select “Set Automatically.” Make sure you turn on location services on the next screen so your Apple TV knows your current time zone.

Roku Streaming and Roku TV:

Head on over to the Settings menu, then select “System” and “About.” Then Click “Time zone.” and select “Set automatically.”

Android TV streaming box and smart TV: Bust a move to “Settings.” Then you want to scroll down and select “Date & time" and choose “Automatic date & time.”Make sure “Use network-provided time” is selected.

Xbox One: Open Settings, then Select “System,” then select “Time.” Make sure the box next to “Automatically adjust for daylight saving” is checked.

PlayStation 4: Go to settings, then head to “Date and Time.” Make sure the box next to “Adjust Daylight Saving Automatically” has a mark in it.

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