My Story

My mission is to educate people about technology and open them up to a whole new world of experiences and ideas.


Burton Kelso: The Full Story

My love for technology began way back in 1981, in the early stages of the personal computer age. My mother enrolled me into a computer class they were hosting at a local youth program. 

The focus of the program was to introduce kids to computers and prepare us for a world where computers would be in the workplace. The process was to let us play with the computers to experience the work side and the play side (it was the first time I played Oregon Trail). 

After “playing” with that awesome machine, I was hooked! It took a while before I got a computer of my own, but I have owned at least one computer ever since the day I was introduced my first home computer, a Commodore 64.

Like all technology, it wasn't long before the Commodore 64 went the way of the DoDo and there were IBM “clones” popping up everywhere, and along with them came countless companies selling computer parts such as cases, motherboards, RAM, and disk drives. Everything you needed to build your own computer. 

I ordered the parts I needed and cobbled together my first home-built computer. Surprisingly, it worked the first time I hit the power switch. 

I worked at a couple of local computer stores to get games and parts at a discount, but soon discovered that many people were struggling with the custom built and off the shelf computers they were purchasing at home and at work.  There were techs out there that could talk to computers, but none that could help bridge the gap between computers and people.

My computer endeavors quickly morphed from building PCs to going into business for myself to upgrading and repairing computers and technology.  Over 25 years have passed and I'm happy to have helped hundreds of people conquer their technology challenges. 

These days besides running Integral, I spend most of my time appearing on TV, sharing a weekly blog, speaking at different business organizations. My main purpose is to share my insights and experiences with you, in hopes that you will have a great understanding of technology as I do. After all, we’re never too old or too experienced to learn, especially with us living during an era when technology changes constantly.