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Attorneys know how hard it is to understand computers and technology and make it work for them.  That's where I come in.  I make technology fun and exciting by delivering high-energy presentations that give the realtors and brokers I encounter the tools they need to make technology an asset to their lives. I want lawyers to be able to use technology to become more profitable and successful


Popular Topics

I’ve delivered presentations to lawyers all around the country on topics that educate them on the best ways to leverage technology. Don’t see what you want? Let me know your vision and I can customize a legal program to meet you and your organization's very specific needs.


Top 5 Security Threats for Attorneys and How To Handle Them.

Cybercrime has been bad in 2020 and it's only going to get worse in 2021. Learn what's the most lethal cyber threats are this year and how to protect your law firm against future threats.

6 Tech Resolutions Lawyers Should Make in 2021 and How to Keep Them.

Believe it or not, the end of the year is almost here! In 2021 why not try a new kind of New Year’s resolution? Instead of just hitting the gym and dropping some pounds, consider changing some of the tech habits your business uses to simplify the tech in your life, and to keep your business more secure and productive.

6 'Kick Booty' Tips to Help any Attorney Dominate Social Media.

We all know social media, but do you really know how to take advantage of this awesome technology for your law firm? Learn how to create social media posts that will help develop strong business relationships, will generate new business and that will create customer loyalty.


10 Tech Tips That Will Make Big Changes to Your Law Firm

You use technology in your business but are you using it correctly? Learn what pieces of technology that you should embrace in your business that will make your business more productive and profitable

Is Your Law Firm Cyber-Secure? 7 Steps You Need to Keep Safe from Data Breaches and Hackers.

Law firms have become bigger targets for cyber-criminals because the bad guys know that most law offices have fewer defense resources and IT support than large enterprise law firms. There’s no way to predict a cyberattack, whether by a lack of security solutions or a careless employee opening some type of malicious attachment. Get crucial tips to keep your business safe and secure.

5 Five Steps to Take If Your Law Firm Falls Victim to a Data Breach.

Data breaches are becoming exceedingly common, targeting small businesses and affecting even some big and trusted corporations. While you may not have to treat these incidents as an inevitability just yet, it’s beneficial to have a plan in the event that you become a victim.


6 Tips for Choosing the Right Technology for Your Law Office.

Technology is supposed to make your life easier by increasing productivity, helping to keep your small business organized, and giving you a competitive edge. Whether to improve customer service or communication, productivity or profitability, the efficient use of technology within a small business can go a long way towards making it a success.

6 Smart Tips To Run Your Law Firm Remotely and Keep it Safe from Hackers.

People are working remotely more than ever to increase productivity and profitability. However, all desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets are highly vulnerable to hacking. Learn how to make you and your remote workforce productive and how to protect your company from these threats and keep your mobile devices safe.

6 Surprising LinkedIn Tips for Lawyers That Actually Work.

At 500 million users, LinkedIn is a powerful social media network that many solo and small businesses use in order to develop business.  Learn how to use LinkedIn to focus on brand awareness, reputation enhancement and content marketing for you and your business


7 Scams that Plague Law Firms & How to Protect Yourself

Scams that target Law Firms are on the rise. Large law offices generally have policies, protections, and legal backing to deal with any attempts to scam them. Small and solo law firms are often handling too many things on their own, and lack of training of employees can lead to devastating consequences for your business. Understand some scams that you should be on the lookout for.

6  Sure-Fire Technology Tools, Trends, And Tips That Will Boost Your Profits for your aw firm.

Technology allows you to do your job better than ever before. More than ever, you have more of a chance to make your small business, a big business.  Whether it's integrating your processes, enhancing your marketing, better managing your accounting or improving communication with your customers, the right technology can dramatically improve how you run your business.

5 Tips on How to Leverage Videos for your Law Firm

Since the invention of TV, people have been fascinated with live video. Video and Live streaming work great for lawyers that want to reach out to potential and existing clients.  It has also helped attorneys create a brand by hosting live video which consists of valuable content and personalized communication.

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6 Essential things you need to know about Instagram to get More Business.

Attorneys all over the world are using Instagram to improve their bottom lines. But there are a lot of businesses that have yet to take advantage of what Instagram has to offer. If your business belongs to this group, you’ll be happy to know that achieving great results with Instagram isn’t as complicated as you might think.

4 Money Making Blogging Basics for Lawyers

Have you ever thought about starting a blog for your law firm?  Is it really worth the time and effort?  What in the world would you blog about on a regular basis?  How does blogging impact SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Learn what techniques you should use in order to create your tribe and how to get them to work and spend money with you.

How To Use Google Suite To Maximize Production in your Law Firm.

More and more, attorneys are turning to Google suite to run their businesses.  Google offers a lot of tools that will work for any business, but which ones should you focus on in your law firm.  Learn how you can get the most of this platform which will transform the way you work.